Jadukan-Kuzcotopian War
Part of TOP-C&G War & Jadukan-Atlantan War
Jadukan troops Kuzcotopia
Kuzcotopian troops retreating after the incursion.
Date 2/13/2010 - 2/21/2010
Location Kuzcotopia
Result Stalemate
Blackhorse flag Blackhorse
United States Kuzcotopia
Russia Kingdom of Jaduka
United States Kraklin
Placeholder Flag Unknown
Russia King Domo De Dovo
Russia Patrick Kingrichki (Prime Minister)
Russia Boris Gromov (Commander: South Jadukan Forces)
14,500 troops
1,800 tanks
50 aircraft
13,500 troops
1,200 tanks
20 aircraft
Casualties and losses
10,171 soldiers
2,031 tanks
1 aircraft
8,360 soldiers
1,024 tanks
15 aircraft

The Jadukan-Kuzcotopian War (Jadukan: Jedaken-Kaskutupoen Ver) was a brief invasion of Kuzcotopia by Jaduka that began midnight on February 13 when Jadukan troops crossed the border from Atlanta into Kuzcotopia.

Casus Belli Edit

With Jadukan forces striking deep into Atlanta it was found that resistance fighters were entering Atlanta through Kuzcotopia. These fighters were suspected to be fighting Jadukan forces in Five Point. At midnight on February 13, Jadukan forces crossed the Atlantan-Kuzcotopian border. Within hours, Jadukan attack helicopters and fighters began bombarding government buildings in Wattsamattau, the Kuzcotopian capital.

Despite the early victory, the Kuzcotopian armed forces launched a counter offensive northern toward Atlanta. Despite Kuzcotopia's superior numbers, Jadukan forces held their positions around Wattsamattau.

Stalemate and Eventual Peace Edit

After a long stalemate, both sides finally agreed to a ceasefire after both countries suffered nearly 20,000 casualties. Peace was finally declared in the afternoon of February 21, 2010.