James D. Morrisom (Full Name: James Douglas Morrison Jr) (b. 1962)

Bio on James D. Morrison Edit

Date of Birth:12/05/57
Place of Birth: Nucom
Age: 44
Hair:Dark Black
Height:6 foot 9 Inchs (unknown real height)
Family: James D. Morrison Sr. (1943–1971) & Pamula S. Morrison (1947–1974)

James D. Morrison Is The First President Of Nucowso


He Was Born To James Douglas Morrison Sr In 1957 And In 1971 His Dad Died In Paris, France His Mother Died in 1974 In USA

Time In OfficeEdit

James D. Morrison time in office began in 2006 he decleard war on every country around Nucowso to show how powerful Nucowso is

Family Edit

Common-law wife Pamela Susan Courson

Father: George Morrison

Mother: Clara Morrison

Sister: Anne Morrison

Brother: Andy, or Andrew Morrison

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