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Conrad Kruschev
Preceded by: N/A
Succeeded by: Conrad Kruschev
Date of Birth 1/5/1978
Place of Birth: Bury St Edmunds
Profession: Radical behind the original concet of North Cadia
Political Party: N/A
Motto: Independence is not won in is Gained!

This took place in an RP at a small time Gaming Club that has been running since 1990 at a local school and is part of the RP written by Conrad Kruschev that created North Cadia as a power within their RP. This is partly based on fact, but deeply mingled with RP.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Born in Bury St Edmunds in the Anglo area, he was sent with his family to form the Cadian Empire in 1992, (Aged 14) at the age of 17 he wrote his famous book the North Cadian Concept, which suggested the idea of a separate North Cadian state. However he was confronted by Andrew Keally, the idealist behind the Empire and ejected from the Empire.

North CadiaEdit

Although Conrad Kruschev appealled against his ejection Jamie Mackan remained ejected from the Empire. Soon after Conrad Kruschev split and formed North Cadia. Although this was Jamie's dream, he refused to join, and instead moved to South Cadia, which he now rules.

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