RPA Victory
Land of the Rising Sun War
Conflict Japan Arizona War
Date October 24 Declaration of War

October 26 - 29 Actual fighting
October 29 - November 1 Cease Fire - Peace

Place Honshū, main Island of Japan
Result Cease fire declared when Rujikin came back from his 19th day of inactivity.

Empire of Arizona (NTO)

Japan Empire (NADC)*


Emperor Rick



Pre military planning of invasion



3,960 Troops
186 Tanks

8,722 Troops

140 Infrastructure
79 Miles
30 Tech

Preparation Edit

Weeks prior to the war, the government of Arizona wanted to establish a trade deal with the Japanese Empire. The Japanese government however refused to contact Emperor Rick whether or not they were interested in a trade deal. Emperor Rick had attempted again and again but was never recognized by Rujikin.

Taking this as a insult the ministry of information gathered intelligence on the Japanese Empire and discovered that Rujikin's Regime was inactive and not in immediate control of his Empire.

Emperor Rick took his time in preparing a plan to annex Japan. The Japanese Empire was under a treaty with the North Atlantic Defense Coalition. Arizona could not annex Japan without a proper Casus belli. The Empire had to prove that the Rujikin Regime was non existent and that the annexation would be for humanitarian reasons.

10 days before the war began, the 8492nd Squadron dropped leaflets in Japan informing the general public of Arizona's intention of declaring war, and urging the government to contact Emperor Rick immediately.

Nothing was heard from the government. On October 24 the Empire of Arizona formally declared war on the Japan Empire.

The War Edit

The Empire of Arizona had formally declared war on the Japanese Empire. Arizona's 5th Fleet moved into position off of the coast of Japan however did not launch any attack. Marsturm of Latigo(NADC) representative warned Rick of intervention for attacking one of its members. Emperor Rick informed Marsturm of Rujikins inactivity and handed over documents of Japanese citizens who were basically on their own without a government.

Marsturm went over the documents and it checked out with his own ministry of information. Marsturm blessed the humanitarian aid after a short conversation. Now that NADC was out of the region the only thing left was the Japanese Military which was still operating.

Friday October 26th Edit

Arizonan Troops hit Tsujido Beach and moved inland pillaging everything and loading up cargo into transport and sending it back to Arizona. The Japanese Military bravely defended their homeland but were swiftly defeated in only 24hours. Resistance to the Empire declined with every increasing day.

RPA - Japanese Casualties
Nation October 26 October 27 October 28 October 29
Empire of Arizona 2,386 Troops
22 Tanks
1,485 Troops
97 Tanks
89 Troops
67 Tanks
Cease Fire
Japan Empire 6,514 Troops
60 Infurstructure
35 Miles
10 Tech
1,941 Troops
40 Infurstructure
31 Miles
10 Tech
267 Troops
40 Infra
29 Miles
10 Tech
Cease Fire

Friday October 29th Edit

Rujikin back from his 19th day of inactivity sent Emperor Rick a telegram requesting a cease fire. RPA troops had stopped immediately, to avoid any unnecessary allied incidents the RPA began to pull out.

The EndEdit

Rujikin demanded that reparations be paid for the damages done to his country. Emperor Rick agreed that Arizona would pay, though no packages have been sent thus far. It has been speculated that Rujikin slipped back into inactivity once again. Neither side has made any attempt to demand or attempt to pay reparations.

5,500,000 Dollars were looted from Japan... Not including Technology, annexed land, and damages to infrastructure and military units.

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