Jean Bruchard-Cleuseau is the former Finance Minister of the Republic of Displaced Calvinists and a former presbyter-elder in the French Reformed Church. He is one of the seven original signers of the document Displaced Calvinists for a New Reformation, a Huguenot manifesto that gave birth to New Batavia Colony and eventually led to the founding of the Republic of Displaced Calvinists.

Bruchard cleuseau2a

Jesuit Spy and Terrorist, Jean Bruchard-Cleuseau. If you see this man, please report it immediately to your nearest Calvinist Gendarme Agent, or notify Major Yves Purdue at 1-800-KILL CLEUSEAU. Thank you.

It was later discovered that Bruchard-Cleuseau was in reality a member of the Jesuit Order and a spy sent by a fringe element of the Roman Catholic Church to destroy the colony's chances of survival. He is currently accused of sabotaging New Batavia Colony's coffee plantations and setting off several explosions, one that permanently closed Displaced Calvinists' fledgling salt mines, and another that nearly killed the Republic's Governor-General, Sheldomar Bolak.

Bruchard-Cleuseau's role in the colony's early failures was uncovered by an investigation of the Republic's Parliamentary Classis. An untimely disclosure of the investigation triggered a series of riots across the Republic, especially among the English-speaking Presbyterian community. (See The Mid-Week Prayer Meeting Riots of Oct. 25th under Displaced Calvinists Current Events.) Bruchard-Cleuseau over-stepped his bounds of office as Finance Minister, and ordered La Gendarmerie Nationale to put down the riots by force of arms. At the last minute, Public Safety Minister Yves Purdue arrived on the scene, ordered his men to stand down, and prevented the slaughter of the Republic's Presbyterian community.

Unmasked, Bruchard-Cleuseau disappeared in the night ahead of the approaching rioters. He snuck back into his government office, pilfered an undisclosed amount of money from the national funds, stole a Gendarme's motorcycle, and fled the country amidst the confusion. He left behind booby-trapped evidence of his guilt that exploded when government officials went to examine it. The damage to the Governor-General's office was extensive, but no one was seriously injured.

Nearly three weeks later, Jean Bruchard-Cleuseau appeared at the doorstep of Displaced Calvinists' embassy in Yasnaya Polyana bearing nitroglycerin disguised as holy water. He blew up the embassy building, killing eight people, including the Ambassadors from Displaced Calvinists, Francois and Claudette Treudeaux. Despite chilly relations between Displaced Calvinists and the Catholic Church, Roman Catholic officials have denounced Bruchard-Cleuseau's actions as that of a lone renegade, and have issued their own warrant for his arrest.

Meanwhile, Displaced Calvinist agents from La Gendarmerie Nationale are currently on a world-wide man-hunt for Bruchard-Cleuseau and his accomplices. He is wanted on charges of espionage, sabotage, treason, embezzlement, murder, attempted murder, terrorism, reckless endangerment, unsafe handling of explosive materials, grand theft motorcycle, heresy, vandalism, and littering. He is to be considered armed and dangerous, and if you should see him with a vial of holy water attached to a rosary, take cover immediately and brace for an explosion.

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