Joel Brunel

In office
August 26, 2016 – January 25, 2032
President Richard Mercton
Preceded by Ben Richards
Succeeded by Michael Annan

Born July 22, 1964
Chester Mills, J Andres
Died May 29, 2046(2046-05-29) (aged 81)
Rogers Square, J Andres
Political party Unaffiliated
Spouse Solange Brunel
Alma mater Farnum Military Academy
Profession Military police
Religion Protestant

Military CareerEdit

As a SoldierEdit

In 1984, Joel Brunel graduated from the Fort Farnum military academy and was a member of the United States Army. He participated in conflicts in the Persian Gulf and his leadership was rewarded with the rank of Captain. After his tour of duty in the gulf was over, he expressed interest in serving as a peacekeeper.

Peacekeeper and Diplomatic PoliceEdit

In the late 1980's Brunel went through a diplomatic training program, specializing in crisis mediation. Once J Andres formed, he started the diplomatic police and peacekeeper program. Expanding the organization to incorporate about 200 J Andres Peacekeepers, recognized by their brilliant blue helmets emblazoned with the NADC logo and the Maritime Anchor.

Peacekeeping MissionsEdit

Formation of J AndresEdit

Following the Initiation War, J Andres still lacked guidance and as the government was in a transitional phase, riots were frequent. Brunel led the diplomatic police to calm these riots.

1986 Red RevoltEdit

When the Communist Party gained a majority and began rioting, to turn the nation into a communist nation, Brunel was once again called in. His Diplomatic Police acted to control the riots, and he acted as an mediator to get the problem solved in the Commune and not with bloodshed. After the Communists took Power, President General Josef Mercton and Colonel Richards set up the Nationalist-Anchor Coalition Army, in a hope to reclaim power. Brunel, once again managed to delay the Army's advance, and allowed the Communist "trend" to disperse and Ben Richards was shortly after given the Presidency.

Democracy Now! Protests in MiamiEdit

On August 14, 1992, J Andres received word that "Democracy Now!" a group with a violent past, had begun to protest in the Kingdom of Miami, a region controlled by an North Atlantic Defense Coalition member Daver. Foriegn Affairs Minister Adrik Annan sent Brunel and a small group of five peacekeepers to the region in an effort to maintain the peace and try to mediate between the protesters and the government. Brunel had negotiated a compromise government when the building he was in collapsed due to bombing and he was critically injured and placed in a local hospital. Critically injured in the hospital, he became a target and was evacuated from the rooftop before the rioters reached him.[1]


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