John Entwhistle is another member of SFH (Spammers, Flames, and Highjackers) who is rumored to have been split from Jimmy Page as a genetics science class project. This rumor is invalid, simply because John Entwhistle smokes and Page doesn't.

John Entwhistle has tried several times to commit suicide. Failed miserably. One case was where he tried to shoot himself at point-blank range and wounded up killing Korlus (Photoshopper).

God invested John Entwhistle with amazing powers such as telekenetics. John, as expected, abuses these powers.

Things People Have Said About John Entwhistle Edit

"He's queer." -Fred Phelps

"He ain't black. HE ain't no good." -Kanye West

"He has been misunderestimated to not support Amarica with Nucular Warfare." -Anonymous

"We're scared of him." -Luficer and Evil Knievel while hugging each other

"If you look closely at John Entwhistle's post, you can see that it is unethical and full of infidelity." -Osama Bin Laden

"I'm here! Stupid John Entwhistle..." -Elvis Presley

"He's a vampire I'm too scared too slay." -Buffy

"*sucking thumb*" -Van Helsing

"He is the main cause for Global Warming." -Al Gore

"He is a puny man." John Entwhistle on Arnold Schwarzenagger

"He smokes and spams too much." -Member of AA

"He Rocks!" -John Entwhistle

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