Johnathon Quincy Huffington : A Man with Dreams Edit

Part I: The Beginning

Johnathon Quincy Huffington was born to Henry and Thusnelda Huffington in Huffingtonia, Iceland. The town had supposedly been founded by a previous John Huffington and thus bore his name. Little Johnny was known to be incredibly intelligent, full of guile. He had a wild streak however.

John was banned for life from zoos. That year he enroleld into the Huffingtonia Acadamy for the Intelligent. John easily outdid the curriculum, skipping 6 grades without effort. John graduated at age 11 before going to Huffingtonia University. John graduated with a degree in Monarchy, Government, and Politics.

By the age of 17, John was already mayor of Hufifngtonia. His closest lieutenants included Sam Jackson, "Wilfy" Brims, and Edward Coffingsworth IV. At age 19, he declared himself Mayor For Life, recieving joys songs of praise form the public. The Next year, Huffington took the final step; He Declared Huffingtonia a nation with himself as King.

Huffingtonia rapidly grew, its valuable coal and silver garnering in many reosurces from abroad. Its people are mainly athiest and Icelandic. They are a hearty warrior race and under the genius Huffington Dynasty leading them, they will own.

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