Jose de Andres

Jose de Andres wearing a JTech Sash in 1984, shortly before the expedition to JAD Land.

President of JAD Land
In office
April 1, 1984 – January 1, 2010

Born June 17, 1949
Woonsocket, J Andres
Died December 6, 2037
Pawtucket, J Andres
Political party Union
Religion Catholic

Life in J AndresEdit

Before 1984, Jose de Andres, a prominent JTech businessman, was selected to be one of the men to sail over to Portugal to establish JAD Land. There were rumors that it contained Uranium and JTech wanted a chance to do some experiments with it. On the boat ride over, Jose de Andres was elected to serve as President for the full three year expedition.

Life in JAD LandEdit

The boat landed in Portugal in a town that they named Merctonopolis, after the President General of J Andres, Josef Mercton. Uranium was soon discovered and JTech wasted no time harvesting it and working on it. Meanwhile a few travel organizations were established hoping to get J Andres citizens to travel to other places inside its borders. Although JAD Land was blessed with great scenery, its distance and the great expense of airplanes left tourism to only the wealthy. Jose de Andres established a democratic rule system to be fair to the citizens, but put the corporation before all other matters. This was a scientific expedition, and although some citizens left J Andres for JAD Land in hope to live a new life, that was not the goal.

Life After the JTech PulloutEdit

After three years, JTech pulled out of JAD Land. Jose de Andres decided to remain to continue to serve as the colony's leader. Following the pullout, de Andres worked to connect life in JAD Land with that of J Andres.