Julio Duclos

President Duclos upon the founding of The J Andres Federation of Atlantic States on Gaea

In office
April 9, 1992 – May 13, 2007

Born September 17, 1953
West Portland, J Andres
Died December 12, 2007
Providence, J Andres
Political party Anchor

Julio Duclos served as the President of the J Andres Federation of Atlantic States for the entirety of its duration as a colony of J Andres. In 2007, J Andres President Adrik Annan sought to cut back on the vast costs of the J Andres empire. One of the proposed costs was the termination of the colony on Gaea, a colony which barely contributed to J Andres' wealth. The colony was terminated in the middle of the month and the land was returned to indiginous rule. President Julio Duclos returned to J Andres where he ran against the very popular President Adrik Annan for the J Andres Presidency. Although he was not expected to win even in a long shot, he never survived to see the election. He was assassinated shortly before the election with the National Liberation Army of J Andres taking credit for the assassination.[1]


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