Julius Nero the Lesser

Julius Nero the Lesser in his Imperial Uniform. June 29th, 2006.

Julius Nero the Lesser is the younger brother of Julius Nero and is currently Reichsfuhrer of the Imperium


Julius Nero the Lesser was born June 29th, 1960. From his birth, he was always overshadowed by his older brother. Once his brother became High Senator, he was appointed minister of Defense (He was a Colonel in the Roman Guard in the Unification War). And again, Julius Nero became Holy Roman Emperor and he became Supreme Commander of Home Defense.


Once his brother died and his son and cousin took power, he was discharged of his posistion, as Julian the 4th took every important role under the Emperor (Supreme Commander of Home Defense, Supreme Commander of the Military). He was demoted to a Lieutenant General of the Urcean Army.

First Civil WarEdit

During the civil war, Julius joined the rebels to help overthrow the government; he was appointed General of the Rebel Army. Once Neo Exelor was elected, he was promoted to Five Star General and Supreme Commander of the Army. He was quite pleased with his posistion, and his superiors were pleased with him too.

Julius Nero the Lesser with Urcean Troops

Julius Nero the Lesser with Urcean Troops, pointing out noticable Svalbardian posistions in Rome.

Political Upheaval and JihadsEdit

Once Neo was exiled, Julius's cousin had demoted him to a Colonel. He was shocked, and retired to a Swiss Guard Commander.

Second Civil WarEdit

Julius was silent and safe within the Vatican, until his cousin was killed and the Army seceeded, as well as the Svalbard invasion. He retired his seat as Swiss Guard Commander and joined the Urcean Army; he was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the entire Urcean Military. This helped, as he was always Pro-German as his brother was, and operated jointly with the Germans of Deutschland led by Kaiser Martens. The war was over.


Julius Nero was made Supreme General of the Imperium, and Kaiser Martens being his only superior. He was solely responsible for the Invasion of North Africa, Mostly Responsible for Northern France, Mostly Responsible for Russia, and semi-responsible for the rest.

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