Motto: "The great world power has not yet found the weapon to destroy dreams." - Subcomandante Marcos

National Emblem: The Red Star, Symbol of the forgotten.


Nation Ranck
Capital Tacnj
Founded 1/5/06
Colour Orange
Offices held People's Commissar of Internal Affairs (SECOM)
Current Offices held None

Biography of JustinG Edit

JustinG is Democratic Socialist/Anarchist and member of the Orange Defense Network.

History of Ranck Edit

Ranck was founded in 1950 with the wide spread of Black March. The Anarchist movement swept South America finally liberating it's people and the indigenous peasants. The Leader of Ranck, JustinG fought in a 5 year civil war finally earning his people a place to call there own. Ranck is ran by the community and everyone has a say. The wealth and food is distributed amongst the people.

War History Edit

JustinG has fought in:

Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre
The Third Great War

Present Day Edit

JustinG is finally settle downed and is now on the neutral platform. He believes that the neutral policy is the only way a Socialist Alliance will grow and prosper. To many alliances have faded in wars.

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