This article is about the capital of ZoufitzMushi. 
For the island, see Kadem, Island of.

Kadem (kŭ'dĕm) is the capital of ZoufitzMushi. 60% of the population of ZoufitzMushi lives in Kadem, due to the fear of the floating raft disasters that have happened in the past. Most of these people are not the original founders, the Mouisians, because the Mouisians have gotten used to the rafts and are living on them. Most immigrants move to the island, and don’t leave. Unfortunately, this led to overcrowding on the island, and with the ban of rain forest removal still in place, pollution increased in great amounts. Most of the population is putting enormous amounts of pressure on Yamin to do away with the ban. The pollution on and around the island causes the fishing industry to falter and die. Most of the industry, economy, and workforce is based around the construction of the giant rafts around Kadem and the buildings that are on them. In the capitol building, the Shakkem Tiklata is held under tight security. The energy source of the city is based off of the geothermal heat and steam from the volcano in the center of the island.

Production of a raftEdit

Raft production starts at the mouth of the bay at the north end of the island, with the floatation tubes. Then as the raft floats north towards the sea, more layers are added on to the tubes. Some layers might be dirt, for agricultural rafts, or cement for industrial rafts. Finally, a finished raft is floated out to where it needs to sit, and connected with metal connectors that rise when a ship is passing through. When the raft settles where it needs to be, metal beams are connected to the seafloor from the bottom of the raft. If everything goes correctly, production of a raft takes about 8 – 10 weeks.

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