National Flag
"No Kings, Gods, or Slavers: only Man."
Capital City North Bay Commune
Official Language(s) No official language.
Established 8/8/2006 est.
Government Type 25px No government; autonomous anarcho-communist collective
Ruler mastab
Nation Team Orange team Orange
Statistics as of 1.21.09
Total population 111,059
 63,059 civilians
 48,000 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion Nihilistic atheist-agnosticism Nihilistic atheist-agnosticism
Currency No economic fetishism No economic fetishism
Infrastructure 7,040.00
Technology 1,209.96
Nation Strength 32,899.029
Total Area 1,694.627 Earth icon
Native Resources Lead Oil
Connected Resources Fish Lumber Coal Wheat Aluminum Gold Iron Marble Pigs Rubber
Bonus Resources Asphalt Automobile Microchips Radiation Scholar Steel

History Edit

In August 2006, an international group of Anarchists simultaneously renounced their citizenship from their countries and gathered North of San Francisco. They chose the time because of Statism was so damaged by the first great war that their secession couldn't be stopped and they chose the location for its agricultural, trade, and cultural advantages. There they began the commune that would become Kaeva.

Although Kaeva's early growth was slow, it soon grew stable and, with its progressive new policies, flourished. Kaeva based itself off of the Catalonian Anarchist communes and the teachings of famous Anarchists like Mihkail Bakunin, Emma Goldman, and Noam Chomsky.

Kaeva joined the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization shortly after joining. Kaeva remained there for six months, until it left to form a new alliance more fitting with its leftist beliefs. That alliance was the Euphorian Commonwealth. For another six months, Kaeva remained a member of the EC. The EC existed for six months until its merger with a like-minded alliance, the Libertarian Socialist Federation.

After two months in the LSF, Kaeva again left to attempt to create a new alliance. This new alliance first took form as The Swarm, then as the Euphorian Federation, but neither grew well. Four months after leaving the LSF, Kaeva joined the New Pacific Order. Kaeva remained Pacifican for several months until deciding to leave for the Communist Party of CyberNations. Kaeva was a member of the CPCN for several months until it merged with the Socialistic Empire and The Righteous Fist to become The International, where Kaeva is currently a member.

Organization and Ideals Edit

Kaeva uses a direct democracy; whenever something needs to be decided, every involved individual meets at Kaeva's public auditorium, is given a chance to debate their case, and votes on the issue. The action with the most support is approved. Kaeva has no leaders.

In order to plan civic development, a monthly meeting is held between all Kaevans. There domestic plans such as which housing areas to expand, which farms to irrigate, and how much of the crop should be stored are laid and foreign tactics like which alliance to join or which policies to take are established.

Like all non-Statis communities, Kaeva faces a great danger from foreign imperialists. As such, the military is a large priority. Any Kaevan may volunteer to be a member of the Kaevan Security Militia (KSM). Although membership isn't required, most Kaevans serve in one form or another - more than 90%. KSM members are taught the basics of warfare and given weapons. Only one third of the KSM is active at any one moment, but in the event of an invasion all KSM members are prepared to defend themselves.