StuGs and their pilots lined up by the E-108 in the background.

The Kaiserwagen

Projekt E-108 has been by the troops and public nicknamed "Kaiserwagen" - The Emperor's vehicle, for its enormous, imposing towering appearance and its demoralizing effect on enemy troops. It was first deployed on Slovakia, where the country surrendered without a fight, then used right away on Hungarian troops, which panicked due to the resistance of its tough, solid armor combined with its firepower.

Power Source

The E-108 is powered by a custom-built hybrid engine modelled at a higher scale from the ones used on the Panzer zu fuss, tweaked for power instead of speed. A complex Mechanical System transmits the power to the legs, hydraulically. The engine, like on the Panzer Zu Fuss, is the most complicated and expensive aspect of this vehicle.


The E-108 is *extremely* armored, both with regular type of armor and with suplementary reactive armor blocks. Since it will be unable to dodge anything, and since it will catch a lot of fire, the Armor is pretty much as thick as it can get, all across it.


The Kaiserwagen's cockpit is "adorned" by a pair of 130mm fast loading cannons, as well as a pair of smaller 90mm cannons, designed to shed continuous, synchronized fire on the enemy, or to work in coordinated barrages of four for maximum damage. Also on the top part there is an attached MG45 machinegun for anti-infantry purposes.

Within the Kaiserwagen are harbored around 20 Sturmtruppen infantry, giving it APC functionality as well: Once it breaks through the lines, the soldiers are deployed from the top orderly, where they can disestablish the enemy organization, ussually with Granaten (Grenades)


All in all, this vehicle continues with the breakthrough Armor tradition of Deutschland led by Kaiser Martens.


See: Deutschland and Reichswehr

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