The "Official Flag"

Official name: Bundesrepublik Käshlinkov (Federal Republic of Kashlinkov)

Geographical Area See Below

Bundesprasident (Federal President): Elrich Von Richt

Bundeskanzler (Federal Chancellor): Aiden Rommel

Motto: Fur Ruhm Und Ehre!

Anthem: Land der Wälder, Land der Einigkeit

War Anthem: Panzerlied

Government type: Federal Republic

Capital: New Novograd (St. Petersburg)

Defense Forces: Bundeswehr: [Bundesheer (Federal Army)] [Bundesmarine (Federal Navy)] [Marinen (Marines)] [Küstenwacht (Coast Guard)] [Luftwaffe (Air Force)]

Official Language: German [And other mixed european languages]

Affiliation: Viridian Entente

Religion: Jainism, Atheism, Catholic, Christian, Pagan

History of KashlinkovEdit

Map of Kashlinkov

Map of Kashlinkov

The Beginning of Kashlinkov

Originally, Kashlinkov was founded by the migrating survivors of the Communist takeover of Aachschultz. The people had moved a great distance, and suffered so much, they eventually decided to set down in a silent, friendly city in the Karelian region. The people there settled, prospered, and began to get positions in the government. After long, a new flag was raised over the city's winter palace, and the son of the former Aachschultzian Kaiser was deemed "Führer" von New Novograd. After long, this new power's influence began to spread, and it was deemed Kashlinkov. The nation rejoined it's former friends in Nordreich.

Wars Fought in Kashlinkov

October Massacre

Maroon War

Second Great War

Second Maroon War

Third Great War


ICP Reformation War

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