General Information
Founding Date 1582 CE
City preceded by Iskramontana village, small rural mountainside village
Province Prosventsia Waryeniyer (Xánténian : Пřoсvenтсия Wářjenиjeř)
Basic Information
Area 12.86km² city
51.25 km² Metro Area
Population 217 (28/09/2007)
Elevation 4-13m
Country Xánténia
Subdivisions 3 boroughs / sectors
Borough Representatives Comrade Representatives : Chuka Nwamidan, Benjamin Razhika, Aaron Timida
Most popular Party (ies)/political organisations Xánténian Communist Party, Maoist Revolutionary Party of Xánténia
Largest Sovjut (s) National Mining Centre of Khoustachó Sovjut

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