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The Kids in the Sandbox Pact was a Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty between the Auxiliary Army and the Random Insanity Alliance announced on July 13, 2007. It was later privately canceled in April 2008 by the Random Insanity Alliance due to a drifting apart and lack of communciations between the two alliances.

Kids in the Sandbox PactEdit



This Treaty is written with a high expectation of lots of random insanity activities to come and that both the alliances of Random Insanity Alliance (RIA) and the Auxiliary Army's (AA) friendship and partnership in spamming will only continue to grow as high as the beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Article I: PeaceEdit

Both of the alliances will continue to promote a peaceful and friendly relations with each other. RIA and AA will build a playground together. AA will provide the sandbox and swing sets while RIA will provide the monkey bars and slides. Members of both alliances will play with each other kindly. There will be no pushing one so hard that he or she will fall off a swing or steal one's bucket while they are building a sand castle. Should a member of one alliance makes the member of the other alliance cries, the leaders of both alliances will come together at the Treehouse of Love and bribe each other with goods and services. When the deal is sealed, all members of both alliances must go back to spreading peace among each other in the playground.

Article II: IntelligenceEdit

If one of the alliances see a stranger stealing goodies from the other alliance's snack pack, that alliance must catch that stranger and take him to the other alliance along with the stolen goodies. Should an alliance not do this, this treaty will be declared, "property of the sand."

Article III: AidEdit

If one alliance falls flat on their face while they were playing on the monkey bars or wherever, whenever or however, it is the duty of the other alliance to help the fallen alliance up to their feet and walk them home.

Article IV: CancellationEdit

If one of the alliances feel that they no longer need to hold on to the other alliance, they're free to cancel this treaty, provided that they must let the other alliance know that it's over, to stop waiting for them at their "special spot," and hand over all rights of the playground to the other alliance.


Random Insanity AllianceEdit

Moth, Leader
Azural, Head of Foreign Affairs
Kaiser, Head of Internal Affairs
cctmsp13, Economic Advisor

Auxiliary ArmyEdit

Tala Lang, President
QThews, Vice President
Duke DYP, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
FluskinTuskin, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs

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