KingSpanKaimen of KingKaimen

KIX Flag

Nation Info
Alliance Troy
  • Councilor of the Military
Team Color Black
Founded On Nov 13, 2009
Misc Info
  • Technology: 120.00
  • Infrastructure: 2,779.99
  • Area of Influence: 1,034.905
  • 0 Nuke
  • none
Wars Served

KingSpanKaimen History Edit

KingSpanKaimen has evolved from his Former name of Kaimen to KingKaimen and then granted the name from which he holds now, which will be later explained. He has gone thru the ages on different names, leaving his various other nations beihind and establishing his empire from which has had a great boom of economic success and ingenuity.

After Establishing KingKaimen of KingKaimen from which had joined a most noble alliance "BANG" later to succumb to its end by TPF at the hands of a fold. As a member of BANG from Early Febuary of 2007, Kaimen was enititled as Minister of Defense and took up an active role as Head of Foriegn Affairs. At this time BANG had encountered an Alliance known here by known as the Myrmidons, Taking up arms for BANG and planning out a simple yet effective way of forcing mymridons into a surrender was Kaimen's first serious task as an official of BANG. After Diplomacy failed, it was fallen to war, in April 2007 a skirmish had occured nearly pushing the Myrmidons into disbandment. Many months passed and the Fourth Great War or otherwise known as the Unjust War came, with Friends on the side of the The Unjust Highway; TPF & MK we were tempted and ready to go to war with our allies. We were looking for ways to enter the war since we had a MDP with MK and and MADP with TPF, TPF didnt want us to join the war just yet and risk obliteration of our alliance, MK on the otherhand had other ideas of finding a way to drag us into the war any wya possible, we felt a great deal of disrespect and cancelled our treaty with MK and held an uttermost high hand for TPF, with the war at an end and not too long after BANG's High Government felt a need to fold into TPF. After Serving in TPF for nearly 3months and continueing to grow as a successful nation and losing the taste of fun in Cybernations due to the absence of BANG, Kaimen decided to Leave TPF and create a new alliance.

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