King George III has been a respected member of The Templar Knights since January 2007. He has been the Speaker of the Council for 3 consecutive terms. KG3, as he is commonly known, has had a history of getting his nation deleted by admins for bad reasons. The first time it was linked to the fact he had used a school computer. Second time it was due to a family member signing on at home.

KG3 is commonly known to be anti-New Pacific Order. He strongly shows his hate towards them and often angers many members of TTK who show a strong respect towards NPO. KG3 had also attempted a campaign in Lunar Wars to take out ZERG, which is a TI alliance. He quickly changed his mind because he didn't want to bring CN politics into the LW world, which is already being overfilled with the drama of CN.

KG3 along with Hunerman and killerbologna once tried to start their own alliance, Maroon Allied Forces, but because they were unwilling to put in all their effort, it failed and became the now, somewhat popular, Team JESUS.

NATION STATS: Nation: Georgeanic Republic Ruler: King James 3 (this is due to certain complications from nation deletion) AA: The Templar Knights

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