Klaus von Ausburg, the ruling name of Nicholas I Kendall, ruler of the Bavarian Empire.

He was a founding member of The Byzantine Empire, Senatus Populusque Romanus, and Alpha Orionis. He was Baselios of Nikaea at the Byzantine Empire, a Senator at SPQR, and is currently the General of Zeta Orionis and the first Grand Marshal of Alpha Orionis. He is also the self-proclaimed King of the Vampires, claiming to be several hundres of years old. Though there is no exact age given to his person, it is assumed that he is much younger, no more than 100 years old.

Born in Stuttgart, Klaus is a major supporter of Swabian Nationalism as well as being an Anarcho-Syndicalist and a veteran of the Left/Right Wars. His nation, The Bavarian Empire, has recently sustained several attacks, including two nuclear weapons and one very unsuccessful raid which yieled $2,000,000 in gains.

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