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♠~History of KB~♠ Edit

Kommandant Black was formerly known as LtBlackshadow. LtBlackshadow

was a former member of GATO, for about three months. However,

trouble came when LtBlackshadow attacked an unaligned nation who

happened to be very connected to many other players of the game.

LtBlackshadow was forced to pay over four million in reperations,

but couldn't make it up. Two members of GATO, Letum and Führer Kodei,

helped pay it off while LtBlackshadow ran off from his debt and trouble.

His nation was ravaged to nothing and then told his assailant that he was

going to delete his nation. Peace was then declared and the nation was

eventually deleted. LtBlackshadow then resigned from GATO and headed out

to start a new alliance with Führer Kodei known as The United Global

Order (UGO). He did so with the new name of Kommandant Black. -7/14/07

♣~Past Life of KB~♣ Edit

Kommandant Black 15:45, 14 July 2007 (UTC)

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