L1: Laser One

The Laser One, or L1 alliance began under the watch of Genius, starting with only one member, but soon gaining others, like SIRL0INofBEEF, Princess Elizabeth, SyndicatedInc, iDyne, and AngeloS. The alliance was a close-knit group who knew each other in real life, and all but Genius were quite new at the game. They grew quickly by using tech deals, maximizing their trades, and buy protecting each other.

The group grew at a modest but steady pace, with no activities of too great a consequence until they were called upon by HoG (HeroesofGaming) to help stop the Albino Blacksheep alliance from attacking HoG's allies. L1 swiftly came to the aid of HoG Anarchying many nations almost immediately with an entire alliance strike.

Since then, SyndicatedInc left L1 for The Allegiance causing a basic collapse in the structure of L1's basic foundation. Genius, SIRL0INofBEEF, and Princess Elizabeth soon also departed, but instead to CORE in hopes of being protected from raids. This left L1 with only 5 members, until the return of SIRL0INofBEEF who realized that he was not yet done with this original group.

Laser One now seeks protection from a larger alliance, so that they might be able to remain without the risk of being raided into nothing.

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