Ladicruss flag

Flag of monarchy of Ladicruss.
Going further is only reason why we are still here
National Anthem
God bless
Capital City Illingar
Official Language(s) Ladi language
Demonym Ladicrussian
Established 09/19/1862
Government Type Monarchy monarchy
Ruler Dabarrt Nulta'rack
Alliance Sun Alliance
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Nation Team Aqua team Aqua
Total population 163
 99 civilians
 64 soldiers
Population Density 13.17
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion Voodoo Voodoo
Currency Currency Florin Florin
Total Area 10.691
War/Peace Peace

History Edit

Before founding Edit

Ladi tribe lived in Woods of Illingar. They controlled big territories of Europe. They conquered modern Spain, Portugal, France. After creation of Roman empire they were known as barbarians. They created a secret union of 5 tribes called Sun Alliance. These tribes were: Ladi tribe, Germans, High tribe, Romanian tribe, Ungarra tribe. They tried to destroy Roman Empire. After Crusades Ungarra tribe disputed with other tribes. Sun Alliance excluded Ungarra tribe from Sun Alliance. Later they were known as Gypsies. Germans quit from Alliance, Ungarra tribe died in plague, Romanian tribe quit from Alliance and High tribe renamed themselves to Basque. Ladi tribe founded their first country on year 1506.

First country Edit

First country was founded on year 1506. It controlled north of modern Spain. Country was powerful til year 1756 when starts economic crisis. It lost it's eastern territories. Than 3/4 of people died in plague. Spanish occupied their territories and started to destroy their nation. On year 1854 there was only 14 000 Ladicrussian people.

Revival Edit

Revival started in year 1854. They started to create possessions. In year 1860 Spanish government created a secret organization to destroy Ladicrussians. In year 1862 Ladicrussians restored their country. Spain was first country which recognized Ladicrussians. In future these countries allied. They created their currency and created a parliament in year 1864. Country' polity was 100 deputies. They together controlled the country. In year 1902 starts revolution. Country becames a monarchy. Their first king is Lothar Inag'lar. He led til year 1916 when his son Aula'gar kill him.

World war 1 and 2 Edit

In year 1916 England offers Aula'gar to kill his father, or he will be the victim. He killed his father in the same year. England invaded their army and put Aula'gar as gubernator. In year 1922 Aula'gar banished army from Ladicruss. In year 1924 in Ladicruss starts first economic crisis. Agriculture almost is almost destroyed after this crisis, than starts the second crisis, when 46% inhabitants are unemployed. In year 1941 World War 2 reaches Ladicruss. If before the war in Ladicruss lived 760 000 people, than after 500 000.

Now Edit

Aula'gar led monarchy til year 1947. He hadn't children so first dynasty ends. Next king was Ulun'dar Nulta'rack. He introduced people with many inovations. He founded first university in the monarchy in the year 1954. Country restored agriculture and everything else. In year 1970 there was 900 000 people and only 6% were unemployed. Ulun'dar became ill. He had tubercolosis, he died in year 1999. His son Dabarrt Nulta'rack is current leader of country.

Entomology Edit

Ladicruss means 'powerful people' in Ladi language. Ladi - powerful, cruss - people.