This alliance has disbanded.

The Lafayette Squadron was a temporary alliance and a participant in both the St. Patrick's Day War and the Third Great War.

Founded by Revalia and the Republic of Illinois, these two nations left the neutral League of Intelligent Humans to fight alongside the Socialist Workers Front in the St. Patrick's Day War. Though they flew the SWF's AA during that conflict, they ended up establishing the Lafayette Squadron for the sole purpose of declaring war separately on the nations of the Initiative in Great War III.

Materially, the Squadron contributed a marginal amount to Aegis' war effort, but it provided propaganda support to the Aegis cause. The two nations of the Squadron declared on the Confederacy of Independent States, and then were attacked by Nordreich and the Global Democratic Alliance, and managed to anarchy seven nations and receive the surrender of three nations between the two of them. This, added to the many taunts of Revalia on the CN forums against the Initiative, emboldened the Aegis cause. The Initiative dispatched stronger nations to take out the Lafayette Squadron but failed, and the two-man alliance pinned down a much greater Initiative force for longer.

As the war dragged on, and it became apparent that Aegis was going to lose, plans were laid to sign a white peace with all parties and depart the war. Over the CN downtime, the Lafayette Squadron was formally disbanded and both member nations returned to the League of Intelligent Humans.

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