The Land of 0bs3n3 is a nation approximately 185 days old.

Infrastructure and Tech Edit

The Land of 0bs3n3 currently has 610.5 infrastructure. Technology level is currently 60.2

War and Military Edit

The Land of 0bs3n3 has a very capable and adaptable military that has proven itself in several conflicts. The military is abbreviated to 0DF. The military is a huge part of the country and is celebrated and remembered for its sacrifices yearly on January 14, the end date of the GWII and the date when the country proved itself to be a small superpower.

Involvement in Great War v2.0 Edit

The Land of 0bs3n3 entered its forces into The Second Great War as soon as it broke out. The nations first act was to launch an attack on a GATO member attacking a fellow alliance member. The Land of 0bs3n3 defeated the nation, which was also being attacked by a fellow NpO member. Three other nations GATO launched attacks on Land of 0bs3n3 to defend their ally, the nation put up a strong fight against the GATO nations but finally fell into anarchy on the 14th of January. These GATO nations soon after fell into a state of anarchy themselves. The nation has lost 1,200 citizens to the war and 120 infrastructure. Also 600 NS has been lost in the war.

Population and Demographics Edit

The population is about 5,200. The nation is about 15% aged 0–15, 65% 15-55 and 20% aged 55-.The country is situated on the Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica. The population work diligently to produce cattle and spice using greenhouses and artificial heat to grow the spices and huge warehouses which simulate cattle's natural environment. The tax rate is 25%.

Land Size Edit

The current land size is 190.5 the land size had varied at times. Sometimes as high as 220. The country sold the state of Polaris to another arctic country in February 2006 reducing the countries size.

Alliance Affiliation Edit

The Land of 0bs3n3 was formerly a member of the ODN up until the 3rd December. Application accepted by the NpO. The nation is now an active member of the NpO. The nation resigned from the NpO, to follow Azra into the Commonwealth of International Nations. This alliance proved to be too oppressive. The nation became a founding member of the Sun Tzu Trading Company, and is now a member of the STTC's alliance: The Phoenix Collective.

Links Edit

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