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Large Alliance Syndrome, known as LAS, is a severe viral disease with origins far before Cybernations. It has spread and mutated towards the Cybernations community, where it infects groups of nations known generally as alliances.

The origins of the name are not what one would immediately think- alliances do not have LAS because they are large, but because they aspire towards being large. Therefore alliances with a mere three members can have LAS, while alliances with several hundred can avoid it.

An alliance with Large Alliance Syndrome can be identified by their boring charter, their overly diverse membership, and membership's blind, loyal support for the alliance. Also, alliances with Large Alliance Syndrome will generally accept almost any new member, provided they meet basic membership criteria (such as colour.) This is because LAS take away every aim of the alliance except the aim of gaining members.

Large Alliance Syndrome is commonly, but incorrectly, diagnosed as imperialism.

Known cures for Large Alliance Syndrome include neutrality and peace-mongering.

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