'Capital Galbadia
Official Languages Gaelic and English
Government Dictatorship
Team Green
Formation formation date
National Strength Strength of 1,399.588
World Ranking Ranked, 6,452 of 20,609
Area 279.525 mile diameter
 • Civilians
 • Military
2,250 Supporters (as of 9/27/06)
1,671 Citizens
579 Soldiers
Currency Dong
Resources Lead, Fish
Religion Shinto


The Celtic nation of Lawlvistania was founded in the south of Portugal as a resistance to the overbearing ridiculousness of the present government. A mass migration of Celts from the northern islands made their way into Portuguese land to revolutionize the populace.

The resistance grows daily, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Grand Leader, known only as "TSMR" to the people. He is a dictator now, but only because it is what he feels his country needs. An iron fist guides the actions of his people. Bureaucracies weaken the collective. This may change if TSMR ever believes his people to have become more capable of handling the responsibilities of self-governance.


The tax rate in Lawlvistania is at 28% in order to maximize growth and population control. The people may not like it, but they realize it is for their own good, loving the government despite this one, minor inconvenience.


Education is very important to the Lawlvistanian people. With a literacy rate of 98%, the income of the average person nears one hundred dongs per day.

WAR Edit

Lawlvistania does not fear declarations of war from opposing nations. The government and people would prefer peace, but are constantly at the ready to destroy all those who stand in their way, friend or foe.


There is no mass media public relations campaign for the government of Lawlvistania. We are as we are, take us or leave us. We trade with all, we help those who will be trustworthy as aid-recievers. We stomp the hands of our people when they act against us. There can be no room for dissent. There is no room for an enemy. Lawlvistania exists to spread and overtake the European continent.


Lawlvistania associates itself with the /b/ Alliance, pledging fealty to the Council and those in need. Only those who truly see me rollin' without trying to catch me riding dirty are capable of being friends. Neutrality is the stance Lawlvistania embraces, realizing that allying with any given alliance could result in a failure of economy. War is an option, but peacful propogation is preferred.

Lawlvistania realizes that through the /b/ Alliance, it associates itself with the likes of Ursine Pedophiles and fox-skinned RealDolls. Lawlvistania couldn't care less. The people of the /b/ Alliance are a good people, and those who sting us will be stung in turn. For the alliance, Lawlvistania gives of itself. Lawlvistania does not forgive. ___________________________________________________________________________

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