A program initially enstated by the fallen Nordreich to ensure prosperity of the nation through carefully selected breeding policies. This program, and research conducted by the Nordreich has since been adopted and is carried on within the nation of Ásgarðr as a part of the late Project Asgaard which was started in the nation of Teutoburg under Iron Eclipse


The Goal of the Lebensborn program is both to provide a safe government sponsored atmosphere for pregnant and nursing women of Ásgarðr. The program provides a safe nursing environment in which the children are constantly monitored by a wet nurse, and a government day care attendant so as to allow young mothers free babysitting, and a break from their children when needed. The Lebensborn program has succeeded in it's primary goal of creating bonding between families of the nation, and getting a solid start on nationalism, and nationalistic views at a young age. The Lebensborn program has also allowed for affordable regular check ups, and health care for children and mothers to ensure that health remains at peak throughout their young lives in addition to drastically reducing rates of Post Pardum Depression by having treatment readily available and by making the transition from pregnancy to motherhood more gradual through the use of te programs daycare facilities.

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