Legion - Crimson Blades War
Date: November 6–9, 2007
Casus Belli: TCB insults Legion after threatening STA with Legion's name
Result: Legion pulls out due to Purplegate, TCB survives but eventually dies

Total NS: 3,932,796
Total Nations: 446
The Legion

Total NS: 12,855
Total Nations: 10
The Crimson Blades
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A member of The Crimson Blades joined Siberian Tiger Alliance, received $1 million in start-up aid, then left STA and returned to Crimson Blades. STA wanted their money back, but upon approaching Crimson Blades were insulted and threatened with attack by The Legion, Atlantis and Crimson Sun Empire. Despite making these threats, TCB didn't actually have any such support. Legion demanded an apology from TCB but was insulted in return, upon which war was declared by Legion. The war ended when, facing an imminent second Dove War, The Legion disbanded, reformed and was placed under NPO viceroyalty in the event known as Purplegate.

Alternative NamesEdit

Uncashable Check War, Great War Four And Three Quarters, Operation Dessert Lulz

Declaration ControversyEdit

TCB was such a small alliance that many questioned the need for a public declaration. The war declaration thread soon turned into a flame filled discussion on Legion actions in Great War III and the Dove War. The thread was eventually locked by moderators.

TCB ReactionEdit

Message ScreencapsEdit




TCB ForumEdit

By November 3 the TCB forum was taken offline, with a message reading:

By cybernations, we hardly knew ye.
(I beat them in nation states, that is why I bet they are such sour pusses. [1]

(Message copied directly; grammatical errors intact.)

Warn AttemptsEdit

With no chance of in-character victory, Crimson Blades attempted to get admin to warn Legion nations for war slot filling.

Declaration of VictoryEdit

On November 10 after Legion's unrelated temporary disbandedment due to Purplegate, TCB declared victory. The declaration was not taken seriously.


Despite a so-called 'victory' for the Crimson Blades, their alliance was in shatters and their original NS dropped from over 12000 to 3,500 and their membership dropped from 10 to 6. The equally small alliance 'The Empire of the Rising Sun,' which fought alongside the legion in the conflict, continued scattered attacks throughout November against the remaining members of TCB. Due to the lack of organization after the war, these attacks were met with little resistance. Three of the remaining members left, which brought the alliance down to 3 nations and about 1.5K total NS. The Crimson Blades are mostly dead save for a few members. There is no known leadership among the remaining nations.

ON December 5 the two remaining members joined the empire of the rising sun, the small alliance that attacked many of the remaining nations in the Crimson Blades after the war. Their joining of the Empire of the Rising Sun was not a surrender, but rather a joining of two enemies to become friends. Emperor Maul of the Crimson Blades joined and was named vice President of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

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