The National Alliance of Arctic Countries - The Legion Non Aggression Pact

1. It must be understood that both organizations remain sovereign as do each member nations.

2. Each organization agrees to not undertake aggressive action against any member nation in good standing.

3. This pact is between the National Alliance of Arctic Countries and The Legion only and does not affect any current or future agreeements.

4. Either organization shall not undertake aggressive action against either organization's allies unless attacked first and a good reason is given.

5.Either organisation shall endeavour not to send militaray, monetary or technological aid to an enemy of the other organisation.

6. Infractions of any of these points by either party may be gounds for Pact termination.


The Legion cabinet:

  1. Prime Minister - The Great Bear
  2. Deputy Prime Minister - SocCarolina
  3. Defense Minister - Chatnoir
  4. Foreign Minister - Zunea
  5. Home Secretary - Davey G
  6. Director of Intelligence - Lord Swampy

and The NAAC Leadership:

  1. Patrician Holyone (Field Marshal)
  2. President Talost (Major General)
  3. Vice-President Pius (Brigadier General)
  4. General Ephus
  5. Lieutenant-General KZMN
  6. Ambassador Mish (Colonel)
  7. Diplomatic Envoy Locke (Lieutenant Colonel)
  8. Diplomatic Envoy Sethola (Lieutenant Colonel)
  9. Diplomatic Envoy Tezcatlipoca (Lieutenant Colonel)

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