Lolania is a fierce opponent of Athkatla and has enacted multiple embargoes and blockades on the nation to kill its economy and nation status. Ironically, Lolania assisted Athkatla in its founding and contributed to it financially.

Path to War Edit

Foreign relations with Athkatla were originally assuredly good and represented a secure international status. However, relations began to significantly decrease when Athkatla publicly stated it would not join the Supreme Soviet. This angered the National Senate which demanded economic regulation actions be taken to cripple Athkatla. But, President Bieler insisted less rash actions be taken to help sort out a better future between the two entities.

This though, did not lead to better relations. Athkatla soon after began terrorist attacks on Lolania's borders and prominent cities. Athakatlan terrorist group Republic Freedom Fighters attempted to bomb the "Bieler National Senate Chambers" in downtown Lolonia. This plot failed miserably (much like the nation itself) and the terrorists were sent to life in prison, doomed to do labor the rest of their life.

Instead of condemning the attack by Republic Freedom Fighters, Athkatlan Chancellor Unger praised the assault and ensured "more actions would be taken if further embargoes killed the economy." This outrageous attack prompted a declaration of war from President Bieler and the National Senate. However, the terrorist attacks weren't the last of the horrors. Lolanian inspectors reported "crimes to humanity" in regards to the treatment of the people by the Athakatlan government. Inspectors released a document stating "93% of Athkatlan citizens live in poverty. 1% controls the entire economy, mainly those in governmental positions." These crimes immediately led to war with Athkatla.

War with Athkatla was prompt and quick. Lolanian Supreme Special Forces assisted troops earlier sent in by Silverymoon in capturing the capital and arresting Chancellor Unger. However, after some diplomatic unrest to the Supreme Soviet, Lolania withdrew from war and Athkatla submitted by offering peace. This was due to allies regarding Lolanian commitment as "worthless". However, relations improved almost immediately within the Supreme Soviet Military Board and Lolania regretted withdrawing from the war effort. Soon after, Athkatla joined a terrorist alliance known as Nordreich. This underground home for terrorist activities bombarded Lolania consistently, for little over a year. Even though it faced four enemy nations, Lolania never submitted and continued its war. In the end, the other nations submitted and offered peace to Lolania, giving in.

After this time, relations were significantly bitter. Lolania stepped up its embargoes and blockades double and began attacking any vehicles entering Athakatlan territory without permission from the Lolanian Military. Lolania applied for entrance to the international alliance The Legion and ensured Athkatla (which had copied Lolania by applying to become a member nation as well) did not become a member. This worked and relations were furthered strained.

Current Edit

Currently, Lolania is pressing harder relations by pushing up ties that could lead to war. President Bieler is expected ask the National Senate for war in the near future.

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