London pano

A panoramic view of Imperial London from the Thames river.

London is the capital city of the Kingdom of Great Britain. The city is the largest in the country. It is from here that his majesty King Christopher runs the country from, in the great Buckingham Palace. The Palace is now a towering citadel, shadowing over London, displaying the true might of Great Britain. It is the Kings main home (other than Windsor Castle and Hampton Court), although it also houses all the government offices and some of the Ministries, making it the most Important building in the city, and the Empire. One can also find here records and files on every subject of the Empire, due to an incredibly sophisticated ID system the Empire has adopted.

The Palace of Westminster, still houses Parliament is still pretty much the same, the House of Commons being elected and the House of Lords appointed. Although the House of Lords is slightly different, now half of the Lords are Hereditary Aristocrats, and the rest are awarded a Lordship in exchange for merit, achievement and loyalty. The only problem with Parliament today however is it lacks any real power, most of which is now held by the King. However, the King still seeks their advise on matters and issues, although sometimes allows Parliament to deal with the issues, returning a little power to Parliament

There are many Landmarks in London, for tourists. Most notable is Buckingham Palace, and the many Royal Monuments. However, others include the Old Palace of Westminster with Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and the more recent Imperial Industries HQ, which is a towering skyscraper in the centre of London.

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