Luca Collorini is the President of the east European nation of Fine. He is distinctive by the fact that he is the only deaf-blind-mute head of state in the Cyberverse.

Luca Collorini was born on 14 July, 2006, and at birth was deaf. His mother was cruel, and his father was an annonymous sperm donar. He was born with a misformed inner ear which made him deaf and seriously effects his balance.

At the age of two, his mother gouged out his left eye with a chainsaw, and at three a spear imbedded itself in his head through his right eye, causing him to lose his remaining eye, as well as causing serious brain damage.

From the day of this incident forth, he has been a genius.

At the age of twenty-nine, he was kidnapped by terrorists and he was held by them for the next five years.

He was extensively tortured for his problem solving skills, and it was here that his voice-box was surgically removed without anesthetic. What the terrorists stupidly failed to realise is that this destroyed his ability to talk, so he was released the next day.

When released, Collorini set about changing the injustices of the world. With the help of his own invention, "taste language," he became a political force and was elected Fine Minister a mere year after his release.

Collorini was recently appointed President, replacing the retiring President Emik Wiceo. Recently there has been controversy about the unreliable translators he uses, but Collorini is set to set everything straight when he releases his autobiography.

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