Lunar Florida
Florida Floridian Empire Seal
Flag & National Emblem of New Providence
"Strength, Unity, & Justice"
Official Languages English
  • President
Mark Bay
Religion Christianity
Formation June 9, 2007
 • Civilians

2,234 Citizens
Currency Dollar ($)

Lunar Florida is a moon dominion established by the Floridian Empire.

Currently the dominion is a member of the Zion Exploration & Research Group, which is an alliance made up of NPO members and other alliance members.

History Edit

Colonial Founding (June 2007) Edit

On June 9, Lunar Florida was founded as a colony of the Floridian Empire by King Allen. Following the creation of the colony, it joined ZERG, which was the recommended lunar alliance by the New Pacific Order. On June 20, the colony of Jewtopia attacked Lunar Florida, but the war ended within hours when ZERG intervened and got Jewtopia to call off the attack and pay reparations. Following the sudden and mysterious end of the Floridian Empire the colony adopted a semi-presidential government and made Mark Bay, the colony's head administrator, the President.

War (July 2007) Edit

On July 9, 2007 the First Lunar Great War began and the FARK nations of Tyreland and Spankistan declared war on Lunar Florida. The attacks destroyed most of the army and a medium-sized fraction of the police force. The attacks also sent the colony into an economic depression.

Military Edit

The Lunar Floridian military is made up of three divisions.

The first, and main, division is the army. The army controls the colony's soldiers and ground assault vehicles.

The next division is the air force which controls the colony's orbital fighters.

The last division is the missile command. They control the long range missiles and nuclear arsenal.

List of Wars Edit

  • vs. Jewtopia (June 20 - June 20, 2007) Floridian Casualties - 195 | Jewtopian Casualties - 57
  • vs. Tyreland (July 9 - ) Floridian Casualties - 1498 | Tyrelandian Casualties - 400
  • vs. Spankistan (July 10 - ) Floridian Casualties - 837 | Spankistani Casualties - 218

Colonial Holidays Edit

  • President's Day - March 30 - Celebration of the President's birthday
  • Colonial Day - June 9 - Celebration of the day the colony was founded

Though not listed above, all major Christian and Jewish holidays are also colonial holidays in Lunar Florida.

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