Lysandra Sidéral
Full name
Lysandra Sidéral
Ambassador of Näktergal
The House of Sidéral

Lysandra is quite possibly the most overworked woman in all of Näktergal. Not only is she the official Ambassador of the nation (which means she is required to issue all public statements and proclamations to foreign nations, as well as brokering trade agreements), but she is also the official representative to the Fifth Column Confederation. As Näktergal has recently been granted power within the High Court of the FCC, she also sits in judgment when cases are brought to trial. It's a miracle she has time to eat and sleep.

Biography Edit

Very little is known about Lysandra's childhood -

The House of Sidéral

The fourth child of seven, some have suggested that her ability to mediate deals and arbitrate disputes stems from her experience as a middle child.

Professional Life Edit

Authority Within Näktergal Edit

Unlike her siblings, Lysandra is the only member of the royal family who technically has no power within Näktergal itself.

Liason to the Fifth Column Confederation Edit

High Court Judge Edit

Ambassador Edit


A rare moment of rest at her home in Mirador.

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