President maestro7 showed up on the radar of CyberNations on June 27, 2007 after having been elected in a landslide victory of the American States. Some colonists of the AS had originally immigrated to NationStates for a period of time prior, only to find the landscape severely lacking, not only for the AS in general but for diplomatic and economic relations as well.

American States HistoryEdit

The American States was originated as a radical reformation of the United States (a more full analysis can be found via the nation link). maestro7, the anonymized name of the President, won the greatest victory for President since that of President George Washington, based purely on the ideals of the American Reform Party, proclaiming as its party plank to return to the fundamental basics that "all men and women are created equal" and that government solely exists for the purposes of protecting every individuals right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Alliance HistoryEdit

On July 3, 2007, President maestro7 lead the AS into an Alliance membership with The Legion. During this time, he played an active role in being part of numerous discussions. In The Legion's second-to-last Cabinet term, at the direction of then-Prime Minister Lord Swampy and under the leadership of the Alliance's first Director of Economics Reformentia, the American States officially became sanctioned as an Alliance Bank. At the same time, Reformentia then appointed maestro7 as Legion Bank Coordinator, whose main role was to coordinate the communications, infrastructure and assets of the Banking System. Toward the end of maestro7's tenure, Reformentia then appointed him as the new Director of Economics. The role was to enable maestro7 complete direction over all of the Alliance's economic welfare, including banking, national savings, trade guilds, and other areas.

On November 9, 2007, maestro7's time in The Legion was abruptly cut short, per the onset of Purplegate. That night will always be a night of internal conflict -- whether to stay with the first and only Alliance in which the American States had ever been a part, or leave for the ORRPLE-loving ODN and begin a new path.

On the same date, he officially began national application towards membership in the ODN.

Current Status (11/18/2007)Edit

President maestro7 is now an Advanced Member of the Orange Defense Network. He is currently settling in and beginning to take on minor roles within the Alliance.

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