Ruler of Gelatinania

Originally joined CyberNations with a group of members from the community known as Exit Mundi, and founded an alliance called the New Mundian Empire Alliance (NMEA). As soon as its members became to build up, they were struck by war with the Global Order of Darkness. All members of the NMEA joined Bushido, were much-contributing members to Bushido and its community. Magical Gelatin currently served as Daimyo to the House of Tachibana at Bushido. During the Ragnarok-Bushido War, Magical Gelatin stepped up as Acting Shogun as the Shogun fled to SSSW18 with a few other dishonorable members.

Ragnarok forced the resignation of Craven, and Magical Gelatin continued to be a member of Bushido, honorably helping his Bushi to rebuild. Following a bit of time, Magical Gelatin found Bushido to no longer offer protection as certain elements were failing. Magical Gelatin took approximately seven of his friends over to Blackwater after honorably resigning from Bushido. They currently are very happy members of Blackwater, honorably serving The Order of the Black Rose and the Queen.

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