Mandystalin is the ruler of Lutonstan, Marshal of Members and formerly the Internal Perceptor of The Templar Knights.

He joined TTK on 1 August 2006, and was a simple alliance member until (to his surprise) being voted into office as an Elder Councellor in 2007.

He was later elevated to Internal Perceptor (currently known as Minister of Internal Affairs). The role was described as being 'TTK's mother figure', and Mandystalin did his best to make new members feel welcomed, and all members to feel at home and supported. However he always suspects that he was chosen because of his name ;)

Mandystalin left CN in April 2008 to spend more time in the Real World, but returned in December 2009. Despite wanting a quiet life, he was then elected to the Elder Council where he was later 'promoted' to Sargent at Arms. In January 2012 he was convinced to take up the role of Minister of Internal Affairs.

After a brief stint as temporary Grand master (while the alliance was in-between real Grand Masters) he stood down from pubic office, being made a Patriarch in view of his years of service. Under the reign of Hawkeye, he was made Marshal of Members, a post created to once again be TTK's 'mother figure'

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