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Joining CN and GATOEdit

The player known as Medic joined CN on 5/28/2006. He was introduced to CN by Red Communist786, ruler of the Nowy Republic. His nation was named "The Confederated States of the Rhine" or CSR for short.

Medic joined GATO on the 30th of May 2006. This marked the beginning of his proud GATO heritage.

The Great War/WWIIIEdit

With the onset of the Great War, Medic was promoted to 2nd Platoon leader, as a co-leader with supersteven. He was actively involved with GATO's planning, devoting many hours to battle strategies.

Post Great WarEdit

Following the Great War, Medic deleted his original nation, the Confederated States of the Rhine, and returned to CN as the leader Walker Texas Ranger/Rorschach, ruler of the Texas Confederation.

He is currently a member of Carpe Diem, where has been for the past three years.

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