Nation Henripolis
Region Tennessee
Mayor Henry II
Area 310 miles²
Population 1,300,000 (Summer 2009 estimate)

Memphis is the capital city of Henripolis and as such is the center of government, commerce, and the military.

Brief History Edit

Memphis was razed to the ground during the Great Wars, but has since been rebuilt. It has changed hands many times and thus contains a diverse populations of different nationalities, something that remains controversial both among Henripoli conservatives and abroad.

Administrative districts of the Memphis areaEdit

  1. Midtown (Downtown, Capitol District)
  2. East Memphis (High Point Terrace, Royal Residences)
  3. Northhaven
  4. Frasier
  5. Shelby Farms
  6. Whitehaven
  7. Airport
  8. Hickory Ridge
  9. Germantown
  10. Collierville
  11. Millington
  12. Bartlett
  13. Lakeland
  14. Arlington
  15. Madge

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