[[Image:|125px|Flag of Meradia]] [[Image:|110px|Coat of Aaargh of Meradia]]
National Flag Coat of Aaargh
Motto: '
National Anthem:
Meradia map
Ruler Zephinicus
Capital Yferopolis
Official language(s) Spanish, German
Government Type Monarchy
National Religion Norse
Team Blue
Alliance(s) Mostly Harmless Alliance
Area  142.904 miles square
Population 3,717 citizens
Nation Strength 1,297.733
Currency Florin

Meradia, officially known as the People's Kingdom of Meradia, is a small, newly formed South American nation. It was built on mostly barren land, much of which has now been converted into urban development or arable land.

History Edit

The region that is now Meradia was originally inhabited by a native tribe. During the 1500s, a Spanish exploration ship was forced to take harbour in a small bay due to heavy rains. Despite the poor conditions of the land, a colony was established to serve as a checkpoint for trade vessels. It quickly became a popular destination for the workers on these ships, likely due to the liberal nature of the women. The Marquis of Cañete once called it "a wonderful place to stop, enjoy a good meal and have a whore or two."

The region remained a small mostly-Spanish colony for several hundred years until 1979, when disagreements among the people escalated to armed conflict. During this period, a small group of soldiers and scholars led by Zephinicus established a loosely organized government. It was at first a Democracy, but Zephinicus soon became annoyed with the long decision-making process, and declared himself King Zephinicus I of Meradia.

Geography Edit

Yferopolis is located on the Valdes Peninsula, though the country itself extends into the mainland.

Allies Edit


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