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  • Founded November 14, 2006

Government StructureEdit

This is the current structure of government for Merchants of Death.

Central GovernmentEdit

Manages daily operations

  • Executive Department
    • The head of the Executive Branch is the Chancellor
    • The Chancellor holds the power to veto, and issue executive orders
      • The Chancellor appoints his cabinet, but his choices must be approved by a Senate majority vote
      • The Chancellor possesses the powers to:
        • Declare war
        • Impose trade sanctions
        • Add/remove members of the High Council
  • Department of Defense
    • Manages military operations and writes declarations of war
    • Has power to act without senate approval for 48 hours
    • Liable for non-justifiable actions during 48 hour grace period
  • Department of State
    • Negotiates treaties
    • Acts as ambassador
    • Regulates the banning/admittance of members
  • Department of Treasury
    • Approves or denies foreign aid requests
    • Regulates how much aid is sent


Votes on the passing of measures

  • Until MoD grows, the Senate will be comprised of all members
    • The members of the High Council do not receive Senate seats
  • All bills or measures must be passed by the Senate with a majority (50% + 1)
  • The Senate may not overturn the Chancellor's veto


Committees are groups of nations who propose bills to the respective Departments

  • Any nation or group of nations may form a committee
    • Only government sanctioned committees will receive a thread in the forums
  • The job of a committee is to research an issue, and present a bill or measure to the respective department(s)

Supreme CourtEdit

  • Consists of three members appointed by the Chancellor, but must be approved by a majority Senate vote
    • All three judges possess equal power
    • Decide all court cases by a 2/3 vote
  • The Attorney General is the head of the Supreme Court and is elected by the Supreme Court
    • The Attorney General reports the Supreme Court’s decisions to the Senate and the High Council

Current GovernmentEdit

  • Senate
    • All members at this time; excluding the High Council
  • Supreme Court

Current Awards and RibbonsEdit

Heroes of the Revolution Ribbon

Heroes of the revo

  • The Heroes of the Revolution Ribbon is awarded to those who, on December 9, 2006, initiated a coup to overthrow the corrupt government of MoD. Those who had the award bestowed upon them proved their unfailing allegiance to the alliance through their meritorious actions that day, winning back the alliance for those who truly cared for its wellbeing.

Purple Heart

Purpleheart rib

  • The Purple Heart is bestowed upon any member of MoD who, because of any war to protect anything that MoD stands for, has been thrown into anarchy. This ribbon is awarded to those who prove their true allegiance to MoD through an unwillingness to surrender to our enemies.
    • When awarded twice

Purple heart

External linksEdit

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