A syncretic polytheist faith, it is largely an off shoot of Hinduism in which the relatively minor Hindu deities; Ganesh, Hanuman, Nataraja and Kali have attained prominence. In addition to worship of the Hindu gods is the worship of a pantheon of the indigenous pre-hindu demi gods or 'Diwatas';

Amanikable Demi God of the Sea.

Adlawas Demi god of the Sun.

Bulan Demi goddess of the Moon.

Amihan Demi goddess of the winds and the Monsoon.

Tala Demi goddess of the constellations.

Badhalan Demi god of Volcanoes, especially the San Vicente volcano in the center of the Island.

It has in recent times also been influenced by Christianity, with Jesus entering the Pantheon of the Diwatas and the saints being venerated however the christian philosophy has not made an impact on the core beliefs of the religion. The religion has many adherents in the eastern provinces of Cataduanes, especially among the Mahabeño minority among whon the ancient religion lives side by side with the conventional Catholic faith. In recent times it has grown in popularity among the Mestizo's, especially among the educated youth of the urban areas.

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