Mickey Bethesda

Mickey Bethesda trying to imitate the famous Ben Richards "Victory" Pose after the Orlando Offensives

In office
October 1, 1982 – January 1, 1987
President Josef Mercton
Succeeded by Adrik Annan

In office
January 1, 2003 – November 17, 2035
President Adrik Annan
Richard Mercton
Roger Ahmadinejad
Preceded by Adrik Annan
Succeeded by Patrick Aurora

Born July 18, 1952
Porto Georgiaville, J Andres
Died September 22, 2051(2051-09-22) (aged 99)
Puerto Pacis, J Andres
Political party Nationalist

Mickey Bethesda was appointed to the position of Minister of Foriegn Affairs at the beginning of October. He was an aspiring politician of the Maritime Colony of Rhode Island, and an avid Josef Mercton fan, so Mercton rewarded his friend with the post of Minister.

Joining the NADCEdit

Mickey is credited mostly with bringing the nation of J Andres into the North Atlantic Defense Coalition. Mickey had only been on the job for a few days and realized that an alliance would be necessary for survival in the world. He searched every alliance there was, originally searching for alliances that allowed its members to engage in warfare freely. However, no respectable alliance did this, so Mickey searched again, this time looking for an alliance small enough to make an impact. Mickey found the NADC. A requirement to join the alliance was that a member couldn't be involved in any wars at the time of joining, so Mickey sped away peace agreements to nations such as Alirouvert. Mercton agreed that the NADC was the right alliance for the nation, but without the contributions of Mickey Bethesda, the nation of J Andres could be in a completely different place.

Communist RebellionEdit

After the Communist Rebellion in 1986, Bethesda was removed from his position and replaced with a Communist Party Loyalist, Adrik Annan. After the Rebellion, Minister Annan has actually welcomed Bethesda back into the government to serve as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.