Midori County
Capital City Entrana
Alliance Orange Shadow Force
Founding August 18, 2006
  • Ruler
Official Religion
Official language
Population Approx. 500 Souls
National Tax Rate 20%
Currency Euro
Natural Resources Gold and Oil

The Midori County This county recently born to become a great and peaceful nation, helping others nations all over the world. Also know as Green County.


Midory County was born in August 18, 2006. At 25 August the county's military has been positioned at all border crossings and arresting all drug traffickers. Drugs are illegal since then.


Located near the course of water, Ribeira da Foupana, near Zambujal, Midori County is expading day by day and Queops, Midori County's Ruler, expects to arrive to Morocco in later years.


Midori County's environment is average for the meantime but the government is making an effort to keep it as clean as possible.


The people of the county choose a transitional government for their nation: A transitional government is a temporary ruling organization usually put into place pending the establishment of a permanent government.


Still very young nation but with a strong economy. Clearly, Midori County is a fast growing nation with good relationships with foreign countrys.



The population of Midori County is about 600 souls.

Ethnicity and raceEdit

Most part of Midori County's population is Greek. Nation borders are open to anyone, but in order for the immigrants to remain in the country they will have to become citizens first.


Supported by the government, the actual county's religion is Confucianism.


County's official language is Portuguese and new citizens are adviced to learn English and Japanese. Japanese is often spoken and only a small percentage of people use English as a current language.


The county doesn't have any improvements because is a low population nation.


Friendly with The Papal States and Rodrig0vs Kingdom.

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