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The Henripolis Defense Forcesis the official name of the military of Henripolis. The military has been reorganized numerous times during the long history of Henripolis. It is currently composed of two major branches: the Army and the Air Force.


Every male citizen who is physically capable of doing so must serve one year, not including training. Women may also serve in all branches, but are not required to. All males are technically reservists, but drills typically do not continue past age 30. Many economic incentives are given to servicemen to continue past a year of service, such as free education and this has resulted in the military having an extraordinary retention rate. It is not abnormal for the military to employ roughly 10% of all male citizens in peacetime.


The Army is organized along typical post NATO lines. Brigades are the largest maneuver element and answer directly to the Minister of Defense. Brigades are typically maintained for logistical support and historical purposes. Lower organizations, such as Battalions, operate more independently than most other Armies. Battalions are usually self-sufficient combat units, with their own artillery and air defense assets.
The Air Force is seen as the less prestigious branch and is organized by squadrons.

Army Order of BattleEdit

2nd Infantry Brigade

13th Infantry Brigade

15th Armored Brigade

Weapons and equipmentEdit

Armored Vehicles Number
M1A2 SEP ~40
M2A3 Bradley ~100
M1127 Stryker Recon ~100
MCA-7C Tank ~100

Combat Aircraft Number
F-22C Raptor II 102
Mi-28N 325
F-16C Block 50/52 370
TU-22M 24

War troop lossesEdit

The Unjust War ~64,000

Great War Three 7,209

Macian Civil War 1,362

Siege of Monteriano 808

Loupnoir 80


GATO/IAA/CSN War ~47,090

Karma War ~400,000

Operation Bull Run ~235,000

Macian Civil War Henripolis vs. Wetdoggy Victory
Third Great War The Legion vs. Grand Global Alliance and Federation of Armed Nations Defeat
Legion-Valhalla War The Legion vs. Valhalla Defeat
The Unjust War The Legion vs. \m/ and Valhalla Victory
GATO-1V War The Tyberion Covenant vs. IAA Victory
Karma War OBR vs. Old Guard Victory

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