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Armed Forces of Old Freedonia
Old Freedonian Flag
Military manpower
Military age mandatory 18 years of age
Total Armed Service Numbers males age 18-49: 3,175 (20 September 2006 est.)
Fit for military service males age 18-49: 10000 (20 September 2006 est.)
Commander-in-Chief Rufus T. Firefly
Fuhrer of the Freedonian Knights Julius Marx
Minister of Defense Roy Mustang

The Old Freedonian Armed Services, or OFAS, are the military forces in Old Freedonia that were established after the end of the Sylvanian Conflict. The force has not been engaged in real combat since the Great War, where the government invaded several nations on behalf of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization. The OFAS consists of the Freedonian Confederate Army, Freedonian Naval Assault Force, Freedonian Federal Air Corps, the State Order, Old Freedonian Marine Corps, and Central Medical Services.

Personnel and CommandEdit

Chain of CommandEdit

Military BranchesEdit

Defense PolicyEdit

Allied Defense PolicyEdit


Confederate ArmyEdit

Marine CorpsEdit

Naval Assault ForceEdit

State OrderEdit

Federal Air CorpsEdit

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