United States of North America Military
Commander in Chief President Kim Pack
General of the Army General Richard P. Marshall
General of the Airforce General Jacob O'Neil
Admiral of the Navy Admiral Chester King
General of the Marine Corps General Smith Hawkins
Commandant of the National Police Commandant Eric Lassard
Military Branches
USNA Air Force
USNA Marine Corps
USNA National Police
Military manpower
Military age 18 years of age
Total Armed Service Numbers males age 18-50: 1,000,000 (9 August 2008 est.)
Fit for military service males age 18-50: 3,000,000 (9 August 2008 est.)

The Military of the United States of North America(USNAM) is the military force of the USNA. It is primarily responsible for the defense of the USNA. Its other duties are to defend allies of the USNA, protect the foreign interests of the USNA, and to assist in spreading the influence of the USNA around the world.

The USNAM is made of 6 distinct branches. The USNAA is the ground element of the USNA Military. The United States of North America Air Force defends the skies of the USNA and provides aerial support for the other branches of the military. The United States of North America Navy guards the shore of the USNA and serves as shore support, logistics, transportation, and power projection. The United States of North America Marine Corps is the elite conventional branch of the military highly trained in various forms of amphibious and helicopter assaults. The United States of North America National Police is responsible for the internal security and stability of the USNA. The United States of North America Coast Guard is responsible for the protection of the territorial waters of the USNA.





USNA Merat Intervention

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