Mkire, a member of the Zepland Spammer's Army (ZSA, see Jimmy Page for details), lived from sometime in the past to yesterday, when a news reporter shot her in the head as a joke.

Mkire stood for truth, justice, and chocolate ice cream. Mainly chocolate ice cream, though. She was the Propoganda Mistress in jimmy Page's Ring of Spammers, Flamers, and Hijackers (SFH). She has spread the word through a religion based on the worshipping of a deformed object: the Spork.

Sporkians, such as mkire, have never lookde at another religion and said, "That's stupid. No spamming." Mkire says, "Why don't you guys spam?" As to be said as a question rather than an insult.

Mkire's Last Will & Testament Edit

Mkire gave everything unisexual to Israel and everything Girly to the "International Institute of Scientic Research" (or INISR) for studying. Israel is rumored to have been the bomber, though studies show that the bomber died. He could've conspired it, though.

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